Tray / tablet pc holder / bedside table

INCONSPICIOUS EYECATCHER: The almost floating tray elegantly preserves the lightness of your room.

ByStand is tablet-holder, tray, bedside-table. It is the place for great literature and other small things that you sometimes want to lay aside. It complements sofas, sideboards, beds. Easy and uncomplicated.


The integrated plug holder makes ByStand your new favourite place for recharging your tablet-pc or phone. The elevated edges safeguard everything atop, so also in standby your gadgets are well kept on ByStand.


ByStand can be easily fixed under your already existing furniture, by the weight of which it is automatically sturdily stabilized. Thus, the tray almost seems to float without visible legs and elegantly preserves the lightness of your room.

The handle makes it flexibly portable. Simply take it along, swiftly fix it somewhere else, done. Always where you need it.

Details & Dimensions


Gold / Black / White / Blue

Left & right:

Available in two versions: tray LEFT of the fixing-base & tray RIGHT of the fixing-base (see pictures). Don’t worry, the choice is very simple!


Lasercut steel plate with sturdy powder coating


Height (including handle): 27 cm / appr. 10.6″   Width: 28 cm / ca. 11″   Depth (without fixing base): 20,4 cm / appr. 8″

Dimensions tray (w / d): 26,5 cm x 19,5 cm / appr. 10.4″ x 7.7″

Dimensions of fixing-base (w / d): 9 cm x 9 cm / appr. 3.5″ x 3.5″

Requirements / Please note:

ByStand is a revolutionary concept and does not stand on its own! It requires (your) support. All it takes for a stable and reliable stand is a solid, steady and heavy enough counterweight placed on the fixing-base: e.g. the leg of a sofa or bed. ByStand also fits under sideboards or wardrobes or you might also staple bricks on the fixing-base, you will come up with great ideas!

What won’t work are unsolid/soft, moving/slipping or too leightweight counterweights (e.g. furniture on wheels, cushionings without solid legs, etc.) or too soft or uneven floors (e.g. thick carpets).

Picture gallery

Price: € 156,-

Including 19% VAT

Quick & easy delivery.

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