The ultimate eyecatcher for your garden & balcony


Well protected seed storage


Stainless steel pole available (170 cm / 67″)


The contemporary birdfeeder

#TweetFeed brings twittering back to where it belongs. An updated place for seeds and tweets and the exchange of all relevant news for your twittering garden friends.

* 3 easy ways of usage: “Post” / Hang / Place

* Several seats for simultaneous feeding

* Large, well protected food supply

* Barrier-free takeoff and landing and panoramic view

* Pigeon-safe due to limited size of landing-holes

* Made in Germany of durable Aluminum with UV-resistant powder coating

#TweetFeed: All it takes to keep a modern bird happy. The ultimate eye-catcher for all your garden-friends with our without feathers.

Details & Dimensions

Four holes for attaching laces/strings are provided and ready to use. Black PU-cord already included.

Already equipped with an inbuilt thread for mounting on the stainless steel post (available separately).

The seed-container has four drainage-holes against waterlogging.


Lasercut aluminum with UV- and weather-resistant powder coating.


(without pole)  21,7 cm x 21,7 cm x 23,7 cm  /  8.5″ x 8.5″ x 9.3″

Optional stainless steel pole: 170 cm / approx. 67″


Pigeon blue

Price: € 98,-

Including 19% VAT

Quick & easy delivery.

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